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John Farnham: Finding The Voice

The untold story of an Australian icon, this authorised biopic covers the highs and lows of Farnham’s career, culminating in the recording of the album "Whispering Jack". "Whispering Jack" is still the highest selling Australian album of all time, and this powerful documentary tracks the personal and public journey that has made Farnham Australia's greatest and most beloved musical artist.



Thu 08 Jun - 10.30am

Fri 09 Jun - 6.00pm

Sat 10 Jun - 1.00pm

Sat 10 Jun - 4.00pm

Sat 10 Jun - 7.00pm

Sun 11 Jun - 1.00pm

Sun 11 Jun - 4.00pm

Thu 15 Jun - 10.30am

Sat 17 Jun - 1.00pm

Sat 18 Jun - 4.00pm

Sun 19 Jun - 1.00pm

Sat 24 Jun - 4.00pm

Rated M (Coarse language)

Runtime 95 min

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