Love You Like That

Love is in the air in the coastal town of Seafront Sands. The mysterious appearance of a young woman washed up starkers on Mim Beach turns the sleepy town into a tailspin. Is she a mermaid, why does she have amnesia, what is going on with her craving for coffee? Big secrets will change life in this small country town forever, in this quirky Australian rom-com.


Fri 19 Nov - 7.00pm

Sat 20 Nov - 7.00pm

Sun 21 Nov - 4.00pm

Thu 25 Nov - 10.30am

Fri 26 Nov - 7.00pm

Sat 27 Nov - 7.00pm

Sun 28 Nov - 1.00pm

Rated M (Coarse language and crude sexual humour)

Runtime 103 min