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The Super Mario Bros. Movie

A plumber named Mario travels through an underground labyrinth with his brother, Luigi. With help from Princess Peach, Mario gets ready to square off against the all-powerful Bowser to stop his plans from conquering the world.

Based on the massively popular video game.



Thu 27 Apr - 10.30am

Fri 28 Apr - 6.00pm

Sat 29 Apr - 1.00pm

Sat 29 Apr - 4.00pm

Sat 29 Apr - 7.00pm

Sun 30 Apr - 1.00pm

Sun 30 Apr - 4.00pm

Thu 04 May - 10.30am

Sat 06 May - 1.00pm

Sat 06 May - 3.30pm

Sun 07 May - 1.00pm

Rated PG (Mild fantasy themes and animated violence, some scenes may scare young children)

Runtime 92 mins

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